Established in 2007, BioTN is a non-profit 501c3 foundation formed to facilitate and inspire Tennessee children and adults to explore the sciences. BioTN has three goals: 1) to enhance and improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) K-16 education in Tennessee; 2) to help train and connect Tennesseans for careers in the STEM fields; and 3) to promote the growth of businesses in the state based on STEM innovations, thereby creating high quality jobs for our citizens. Tennessee has a wealth of intellectual capital which has the potential to be a powerful economic engine in the state, and BioTN assists in leveraging this talent and "real estate" into long-term gains for those who seek a better and brighter future.

Community Outreach in Science Education 1 Year Biomedical Technology Program NSF-GK12 Partner
One year biomedical program
Partnering with local industry, science faculty, students and parents, the BioTN Foundation brings interactive “hands-on” science opportunities to learners of all ages.
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BioTN, in collaboration with the TN Board of Regents and the TN Department of Education, has developed and implemented a one-year, 900 hour program for high school and adult learners in Biomedical Technology.”
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BioTN is proud to serve as a primary industry partner on the MTSU/TSU GK12 TRIAD grant. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the primary goal of the grant is to improve graduate fellow training in the STEM professions.
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Dr. Leslie Wisner-Lynch, co-founder of BioTN together with her husband Dr. Sam Lynch, is the current Executive Director of the BioTN Foundation. She is highly regarded for her contributions within the bioscience, research and education communities and serves on a number of science, engineering and technology innovation-based economic development and university advisory boards. She also serves as the Governor’s designated Chair for Tennessee’s STEM Innovation Network Advisory Council in payday loans Florida request loan amount.

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